Ras malai

Recipe: Ras malai

Summary: Ras malai is a traditional Indian Sweet dish. It is believed that the dish originated in Eastern India somewhere in Orissa or West Bengal. Ras Malai is basically sweet dumplings of cottage cheese (paneer) immersed in sweetened milk. Rasgulla is some what similar to rasmalai , except that rasgullas are prepared in sugar syrup, while ras malai is prepared in sweetened milk. Here, I am going to show the easier way of preparing ras malai, i.e , preparing ras malai from rasgullas.

IngredientsRas Malai

  • Rasgullas…. 1 can
  • Milk………. 3 cups
  • Green cardamom powder………. 1 tspn
  • Sugar…….. 2 cups
  • Chopped Pistachios ….. for garnish
  • Chopped Almonds….for garnish


  1. Take a sauce pan and add the milk.
  2. Add sugar and boil it in low flame.
  3. Now add the cardamom powder.
  4. Meanwhile squeeze out the excess sugar syrup from the rasgullas.(do not squeeze very hard, or the rasgullas might break)
  5. Boil the milk for around half an hour on low flame. The consistency of the milk should become thick.
  6. After the milk thickens put off the heat.
  7. Add the milk on the rasgullas. Keep it for 2-3 mins so that the rasgullas can absorb the milk.
  8. Allow it to cool.
  9. Garnish with the pistachios and almonds and serve.

Meal type: Dessert

Culinary tradition: Indian

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